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Hey who likes playing cards? I've been putting together some Darken cards since people suggested it after the last chapter titles, and they're turning out pretty cool! Here's some of the uncoloured art from them.

Interested? Order them here!
EDIT: Ok it's back now! All back and ready. You might need to refresh once or twice but it should appear. Hurgh.
Character busts (head and shoulders)
inked: $25
coloured: $40

Character illustration (full body)
inked: $40
coloured: $55

Extra characters are 50% extra, backgrounds will be simple, similar to the Maya drawing. I can only accept Paypal, and will give a 300dpi file suitable for printing!

Email me at kojiro_muyo at with a description of the character if you're interested!

Also, if you're after commercial work or anything more complex than the above, please email me to talk prices!
Slowly piecing together my portfolio site, which lives <- there! I'm just chuffed that I worked out Lightbox, that gallery program.
Heyo, for any people who may know my webcomic Darken (

I'm going on holiday on the 14th July, and could really do with some comics of a guesty nature so updates aren't even more barren than usual that week :) I have no real specifications, I'd appreciate anything really! If for some miraculous reason I get more comics than there are days in the week I'll still put them on the fanart page with a link to your site. Send anything to !

Thanks, all :)